Sabiiti Herbert 09/01/2022

Once in a regular cycle, i do some self Love/Care and yesterday was one of those. I dared to launch my health goals as i ran 42km + 1km (bonus) celebrating my 42nd birthday. While at it, the pondering, the silent & loud thoughts brought forth some of Life’s fundermental lessons replayed during the run/walk.

1. Productive Time: Growing up, we found no offense in waking up early, locking our home before dissappearing into the mist that covered the pathways as we went digging, it was actually a way of life. Then came secondary school life; training us to wake up early for morning classes, a gesture that we unfortunately took as a punishment. Some of my friends still think waking up early is but a punishment, with one of them recently asking, “why do you punish yourself by waking up at 5:00am?”. See, i believe the most impressionable & productive time of the day falls into the first hours of the day. It always seems like ideas fall straight from the heavens onto you while others sleep. I started my run at 6am and by 10:00am, i was 30km further from the starting point. I did the remaining 13kms in 3 hours, my body had almost given up but i hang in there firmly. Morning hours remain good for enhancing great performance and productivity, utilize that time by Joining the 5am Club.

2. Preparation: Waiting to read how i prepared & practiced prior? I am sorry i didn’t prepare for the run, which is why every part of my body is paining including the eyelids. Preparation is key, yet i missed time better. Realise the so called genius persons are like you, the only difference is that they take time out to thoroughly prepare for their assignment? This year, let’s try to atleast spare 7 days to prepare for a sermon you are going to deliver, take atleast a week to prepare for your presentation at the next fore & sire enough you will find benefits therein.

3. Plant trees: when the sunrise was brightest, I run and sought rest under scattered tree shades, without the tress i perhaps wouldn’t have gone all the way. May i request that regardless of where, plan to plant atleast 12 trees this year. How about the idea of road side trees? That goes to the responsible authorities on whose tables this low-key write up may find platform

4. Never give up: It’s been sung and said many times but it’s never void of Truth. My body started complaining half way into the journey but i kept on telling myself another step, another and another..if you are about to give up tell yourself another step. Life’s goals and aspirations don’t come easy, there is always a price to pay. In accounting we call it debit/credit. Wherever there is a gain there is corresponding loss somewhere else. Keep moving against all odds

5. Motivators: Social media is always a wash speaking against motivational speakers. But in life, you (will) need motivators. I did 43 kms because of the groups i subscribe to that encourage and motivate us to run & keep fit. A certain Kabox group has serious runners Committed to the cause that inspire me to do the same and recently i joined another credible group of crazy summitters, you have to be crazy (in a positive sense) to belong there. These guys can walk and walk, a reflection that Life can not be lived in isolation. You need people to push you, you need accountability partners, you need mentors. This year choose to get a mentor, an accountability partner and be in group that will help you achieve your goals. But also, if you would like to be economically empowered, think about joining the Young and Flourishing Network!

7.Do not be selfish,share:Selfishness and unhealthy competition caused some people to hide their notes back in school days, yet we were born with traces of Ubuntu all over us, we live in a world full of abundance, sharing is good. A candle loses nothing even if it lights other million candles. I just shared my story to encourage those who have not started physical fitness to think about starting. I share these weekly insights because i desire that we flourish together, Let us support one another. Am told it is always lonely at the top, make effort to grow with others on your way up.

8. Consistency is key it is useless to run 43kms and stop there. A Life of inconsistency is very dangerous. What differentiates great performance from the rest is being consistent. Even if you start something small and do it consistently, it is better than doing something big and give up at half day.

Again I wish you a Flourishing 2022. Let’s walk this life’s journey together with consistency.

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