MY WEEK INSIGHTS (25/04/2020)


Sabiiti Herbert


How many times have you been in a workshop  and the motivational speaker of the day fires you up. You just can’t wait to step out of the workshop venue’s door into another door of your dream? If I may use an analogy, you’re at that point ready to carry Moses Golola with one hand. What then happens after? Most of the time – nothing.  Some other times you read a book and/or an article like this and you get an idea to start up something. What happens thereafter? Most of the time-nothing.

You have ever been in a quite place and behold a brilliant idea comes up, this idea could give you billions of USD but what happens after? Most of the times nothing…

Most great dreams remain dormant because people don’t have the courage, resources, time and/or money to act. And for those who act, most are unprepared and thus find themselves spending their valuable time and money on a dream that simply won’t yield.

The process of transforming an idea into a reality and sustaining it for a long time is never an easy task but if you do it, you are among the 10% of world’s population who do just that.

I’ve been on the receiving end of a string of emails and whatsapp messages appreciating my weekly insights, but this morning what came into my mind was “does the reader put into action what I write about?” I am here to ask and challenge you, do you put into action what you read, hear or think about or even commit to do?

Adding flesh to an idea is like giving birth to a child, a step me & you believe it is not for the faint hearted like the old saying; “If it were easy – everyone would do it.”

Most people do not believe in themselves to implement even the slightest of ideas. They are always feeling inadequate to give birth to something that has never existed. They fear the consequences of their actions. One day they’re are blaming the environment around them and another day they will talk of someone who came by and stole the idea of their Life’s dream. May God help you to end this vicious cycle!


Some others who execute their ideas are not patient enough to see it sprout into a profitable a venture. They’re business “prostitutes” jumping from one business to another running away from challenges and responsibilities and looking for quick fixes.

Instead of learning from others, they are jealousy of other people’s achievements. These people who have made or are in process of making it can guide you if you have a teachable spirit. Some people are the kind with the “I know it all” attitude, they do not want to seek for advice. They keep making mistakes that could have otherwise been avoided.

Of course, birthing to an idea comes with challenges and risks. If you are risk averse, high chances are that you will see every opportunity as a risky venture.

Depending how you were brought up, if you are not social, chances are that your product or service will be rejected in the market.  These days selling your product or service requires you to relate well with your target market or clientele bade and this could begin with inside clients- the employees, colleagues at the work place.

I therefore plead with you to not only read or hear or dream but also sit done, plan intentionally and give birth, after giving birth make sure your baby is fed well and covered to avoid kwashiorkor and pneumonia respectively.