Sabiiti Herbert

One of our clients came to Ridgeline office for help. He bought land, obtained land title that was all good until recently; he was informed that someone is putting up a residential structure in his land. I sent our surveyor to the land in question and indeed it was his land and someone was about to roof the house.

When the team contacted the owner of the house under construction, he claimed that he was sold the land as a kibanja holder.

Keeping the land title is not safe enough any more; your land might be encroached on. True, on paper the land title is a legal document but imagine the frustration one can cause by encroaching on your land even when you have that legal document.

This normally happens when you buy land from a family, some beneficiaries might rejuvenate their interest in the land due to integrity issues another rare trait across the global divide today! If your land has already been encroached on, Ridgeline or any other professional real estate firm and or lawyers can help you to claim back your land legally and physically.

There’s an old saying that goes “prevention is better than cure” so once in while, purpose to physically check on your land and occasionally do a title search to ascertain its status just in case some random person(s) decides to create Special Title behind your back.

If you think you own land out there, think twice and go ahead to try out the preventive checks we’ve shared today. If you don’t have time on your hands (a common occurrence in this era), Ridgeline land management dep’t can (on your behalf) keep an eye on your land until you are able to physically possess it.

Finally, this is no scare to repel you against Investing in real estate but rather a call to ensure that your money/investment is safe, but also working for you.

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