Sabiiti Herbert (08/05/2021)


I read a sad story written by Stardard media in Kenya revealing how the once “lions of the jungle” are helplessly suffering in retirement with some carrying groans that can’t be explained. The article unearthes how children connive with their mums to abandon their fathers & worse still how some children never bother to take care of their parents.

To most, when you hear the phrase “Preparing for retirement” what is immediately downloaded into our upper faculties is investment, being able to fend for self, keeping enough money for medical bills etc. To be true, this is fine but there is a delicate area that remains largely overlooked, Loneliness -the giant that steals the sense of belonging from a being!

While in retirement, you probably would love your children to once in awhile come around with your grandchildren to pay a grand visit. Well, if that described the would be feeling for you, then think about cultivating your relationship with your children today. We spend a lot of time “looking for some ka money” to cater for school fees and other expenses..and don’t quote me wrong, that’s important too but unfortunately when the children grow up with no much relationship with you, it’s only natural that this relationship can’t be super imposed onto them, which makes it easy for them to move on, they may ‘abandon’ you.

If you have any challenges with your spouse, be sure to make amends as early as possible, and if the challenges are not amendable, then work out a way but remember that you’ll need someone to be with you as old age approaches.

Verily, you may have all the monies and are close with your spouse, but if your children are unsuccessful, this has proven to be a thorn in the flesh. In some extremes, it’s rather alarming. Some children have become rebellious, they want to make their own decisions even when it’s crystal clear they are wrong. With today’s world advocating for inclusion, it will definitely break your heart when (God forbid) your own child finds company in bad groups.

Unfortunately, this is already happening. Some parents are puzzled by their children’s failed marriages, failed life and they do not know what else there’s to be done..that some parents in retirement are endlessly asking God “what did i do to deserve this..?” See, this is largely why i wrote & published a hands-on book in November 2020, it’s titled *Young and Flourishing*. We subsequently launched Young and Flourishing foundation and are now planning to create a knitted network of a purpose driven generation.

If your child is still between 0-25years, sign up for this network, remember the old African proverb “a stick is bent when it’s tender”

Finally, remember any time you/your spouse will pass on…does that sound scary? Yes that is part of life. You ought to create lasting relationships with friends who matter. Some people fail to sustain some of their friendships after retirement. More so you find that the only friend also passed on. I think you need more than one true friend, a couple of them

As you invest your finances in real estate, shares and bonds, as you start the best franchise outlet businesses, remember to also invest in people. This is very crucial.

As i conclude, I have just remembered this, how do you treat people in the area where you are planning to retire from? Or because you are busy in you’re respective cities and towns you think those people are not necessary?

May this insight open your eyes beyond material items, for retirement is at the door. Plan for a way to counteract loneliness!

If you would like to join the *Young and Flourishing Network*, feel free to reach us through sabiitiherbert.com

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