Be Aware Of Panic Mode


Sabiiti Herbert

Mid this week, must have been on Wednesday, i saw a driver of Mercedes Benz making a serious mistake (typical Ugandan -bad Driver). He over took a couple of cars in a corner and almost made head on collision with an in coming FUSO. Mind you, this was not on highway but the road from Quality Primary School via Kitala to Gayaza Road. The accident almost happened towards joining Gayaza Road.

I caught the glimpse of a man drive into panic mode and this reminded me how most Africans begin to drive into the panic lane at the age of 50 years. There are many causes attached to this including but not limited to spending a bigger part of your life on basic salary with too much expenses awaiting for you like a hungry crocodile. Many of us – African men become deputy parents as soon as they starts working and some others before 50.. Looking after his or her siblings and close relatives. That is how some of us managed to study, just because someone sacrificed and got out of their way and with their savings they paid our school fees. Shout outs to you if you’re one of a kind!

Now at 50 years someone starts to remember & thinking about retirement with it’s associated expenses. The only insurance is his children!.
He starts to begin living a panicky life style, making a lot financial mistakes. I was told some people withdraw all their savings from NSSF and spend it trying to sent up a retirement project. Some of them have never done any business but wants to begin a business at that age. Unfortunately most of them loose all their monies and start living a stressful and consequently short life after that. Others are being threatened by the Youth at their work places. You find someone is always insecure that his/her subordinate(s) might take their position. Such kind of people behave like lions frustrating these young and flourishing employees.

Research indicates that stress related sicknesses are the most cause of death in the world. More so at retirement age!

I therefore appeal to my friends who are still below 40 years to start living a life in anticipation of panic period. Did you know at 40 years, the earth increases speed when rotating around its axis?

Start early with retirement preparations. Am not talking about only investing for retirement but also work on your health. Avoid foods that will disorganize your body at an early age! Exercise daily, avoid living stressful, work hard and smart but do not forget to enjoy your life because you want to save and invest for your children. It is not wrong to invest for your children, however through my experience, chances are that your children will not be interested in your investments. Save and invest for your well being at retirement time.

Like my friend Arinaitwe Warren puts it, “Prodigal spending is unacceptable and a sure way to the pigpen”. Financial discipline goes hand in hand with financial freedom. There is no financial freedom without Financial discipline

Do not live poor to die Rich like Agaba Moses puts it. Enjoy life today within your means to avoid anxiety that comes with the panic mode tomorrow.

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Am in the final laps of publication of my first book *“Young And Flourishing”* I believe you will love it!

3 thoughts on “Be Aware Of Panic Mode

  1. Thanks Herbert for writing this down.Planning is important but doing what you planned is very fundamental. Success is predictable because life is designed for your success but failure is also predictable. It’s like when you put a fish in water,you don’t have to pray for it to swim because it is designed to swim. Good and happy retirement is also predictable

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