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MY WEEKEND INSIGHTS 28/01/2023 HOLD UP THE CONDEMNATION, RATHER SUPPORT THE YOUNG PEOPLE IN AFRICA Nitaanza kwa kuwatakia mwaka mpya wenye mafanikio 2023! My wish for you is that this year be memorable in every good sense, may you receive favor from God and people, and may all your desires and aspirations be fulfilled thisRead more about HOLD UP THE CONDEMNATION, RATHER SUPPORT THE YOUNG PEOPLE IN AFRICA[…]




In Young and Flourishing- *A rising crop of purpose driven generation* book (published in November 2020), there’s a chapter on principles of money management. Scan through and you’ll find that your Net worth is the difference between your knowledge & ignorance about finances.

One of our pillars of Young and Flourishing Network is *Money*. Our members learn time tested principles of financial management. Therefore, for the rest of this year, I will be discussing issues of finances in our weekly insights.

Let’s have a look at Mathew 25: 14-29. In this scripture, Jesus teaches the greatest financial lesson of all time- money that is not multiplying is actually losing value. The repercussions of not multiplying the talent are dire. Read the portion above and you will certainly agree here.

From Genesis to revelation, God teaches us about Kingdom principles, we’re meant to dominate the market place with these principles. God is impartial, if you are in alignment with Kingdom principles such as systems on money, you will flourish. God never created poor or rich people, he created people (Proverbs 22:1) I pray this grows into your revelation today. In Matt 25:29 Jesus says “ _*For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.”_*

This cements the mandate that God gave us in Genesis to be fruitful (principle of stewardship). Everybody that God created must be fruitful. It’s disheartening to find energetic young people walking up aimlessly yet they have kingdom mandate to dominate the world. I have also seen leaders, cultural, political and even sadly religious leaders exploiting talents of young people without paying them.

How could it be that someone serves in the church and later goes out begging for transport? Instead of receiving a token of appreciation or pay, they’re reminded of their ministry for God.. Isnt that manipulation? Some of the “elders” expect youths to spend the entire 4-6 months on their campaign trail but later forget about their predicament after winning elections?. Like me, you might have watched youths spending time standing by the road, besides some presidential aspirant’s posts cleaning and smearing it, my heart bled.

I call upon everyone to encourage every one to ge fruitful in their communities. By doing so we shall see a transformed nation, a transformed Africa and a transformed world. Let every one that has breath praise God through work. Am not talking politics, nor religious affiliation. I dare say it again, Let everyone that has breath praise God through hard work.

The principle of fruitfulness applies to both believers and non believers. Unfortunately it looks like the non believers apply Kingdom principles even much more than the believers. Responsibility and diligence, in general, are rewarded in this world whether you are a Christian or not. As believers, we have an added advantage, the rewards were promised to us and extend to the next life.

When God gives a talent (leadership, money, family, skill, etc) he will demand an account of how you manage them. If you become idle, he will allow the devil to take away what belongs to you! God abhors laziness.

We’re called to utilize every minute God has given us to be fruitful and multiply the earth.

I see university institutions blessed with both human capital and prime land “crying” about lack of financial resources, pardon me but at times am left to wonder if University institutions are barred from creating investment or business arms to achieve self sustaining status. What about churches? Like many other facilities of normal life, Churches and other religious organisations been enormously affected by the lockdown, but what if they put their prime land to use and grow current resources/Assets to be self sustaining?

Many people are losing Jobs as NGOs one after another close shop by the day, just because the donors withheld funds. It could be that they’re not supposed to focus on business but you can’t keep depending on donors all the time. Be wise! Do not go where the path may lead but go where there’s no path and leave a trail.

If we focus on the clouds, the rains will find us not ready. God will lessen our load until we show that we can be trusted with more.

I encourage you to Join the Young and Flourishing Network to learn more about these time tested life principles.

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