Failure is Good

By Sabiiti Herbert

As I have always said, Uganda is one of the most enterprising country in the globe. However it is regrettable to say only 10% of start-up businesses flourish. “First of all, while 90% do not make it, notice that 10% do make i

You ought to be determined to be among the 10% not only in business but wherever God has placed you.

Don’t fear to fail even if you have failed many time.
I am someone who has failed many times in academics, businesses, loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, sickness to mention but a few. In fact I can confidently say in these 40 years of my life, I have seen birth and death alternate

Sometimes I feel like giving up like the 90% but thank God my determination has always prevailed. Always determined to be among the 10% who do not quit.

It felt terrible the first time I failed having lost all borrowed money to start a business. It felt even worse the second time, third time and nth time. But yes, to me, it is always worth it because it is part of my growth.

As Robert Kiyosaki says “It’s easy to use the failure rate of businesses to deter you from starting your own venture. And it’s even easier to focus on how few people succeed. But it’s a completely different mindset to welcome the failure rate and accept it as a right of passage”

I firmly believe that’s what makes the difference. The willingness to fail again and again and again if necessary.

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