To assume that Financial literacy is only for the adults is to live Life like it’s a folly. The illumination of the mind in this regard should begin as soon as the child is born, Yes at 0 years. Haven’t you seen people “give” money to new born babies? atleast in the African culture. Where do you think that money goes or should we now make an altar call to you parents who redistribute your baby’s money to other domestic needs.

Children at their most impressionable age (0-5years) should be taught the simple definition of money, how people make money, saving, investment, spending, generosity, etc.

Explain to your child that money does not just come (for) free, 99% of the time, it comes when you have a service to offer or a product to sell. In my S.4 vacation, my Mzee Rev. Christopher Rushundaheire taught me a principle that i hold so dear to this day. “You should never beg for money” he said. “When you beg for money, you loose your self esteem and people will not take you serious in Life” he added. This principle should be taught to every child. Isn’t it an embarrassment that some adults still believe money can just be got for free? Some spend days and nights praying for financial breakthrough yet they adamantly don’t look out for a service to offer or good (product) to sell. God promises to bless the works of your hands, but you may be surprised to find even those who fold their hands endlessly blaming God for not answering their prayers.

As parents, we’re therefore implored to teach our children the right path to make money so that when they grow, they will not deter from it. Begging for money is a shame!

Saving is a key that every child should possess. When a child gets Money what goes into their mind is only how to spend it, so much so that they yield to restlessness. No wonder we grow up with same habits. Some can not settle when they have money in their pockets. Money is a seed that should be multiplied before being spent.

This COVID-19 season has sent a strong reminder that indeed this world is not our home, we’re here today and gone tomorrow. It’s a serious warning, even if you have billions of shillings, if your lessons to your children is just to splash cash on parties and spending like there is no tomorrow, they will spend every thing within few years after your departure. Teach them to save, invest, spend and share. It’s this message that will stand a test of time, long after you’re gone.

Sharing is good if it is controlled. Some people share what they don’t have. I know of some folks who borrow money from Money lenders just to enjoy it with their friends.

Look around and you’ll see cool young boys and girls around the Ugandan Capital enjoying their parents cash, it’s called “chopping money” in the modern era. They’re in cafes and several other high end spending areas. My sincere hope is that as they enjoy the money, you have taught them how to secure their future. They need to be guided to take full responsibility of their lives even at a tender age.

Well, here is the good news; At Young and Flourishing Network, your child will be taught these and more principles in detail. You can contact us to have them registered into the network.

There’s also a whole chapter on financial literacy in the book *Young and Flourishing* – *A rising fearless crop of purpose driven generation* You may reach out to get a copy delivered to you. Your child, mentee needs to read this book.

Wishing you a flourishing journey with your children.


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