Sabiiti Herbert 06/11/2021

Just this week, i walked into our company lawyer’s chambers not to exchange pleasantries but rather to discuss some legal interpretation on an issue where a malicious person working for an organization Y tried to damage our long – hard earned reputation.

Interestingly, our lawyer’s advise was simple yet so profound. “You won’t & can’t fight all people who are against you.” As a matter of fact, as you progress in Life you ~may~ will effortlessly attract quite some enemies.
In the quiet of the moment, i was reminded of families that were branded “dangerous” by natives while growing up. You would not dare drink or even eat at theirs. I evidently recall we had a neighbor who practiced witchcraft and as a result had climbed all ladders of Wizardry. How? So a young cousin sister of mine goes to her home one day and she’s given banana juice with “added elements”, Like they say, she missed the arrow of death by a whisker.

And when i thought times have changed, the days of witchcraft inspired hatred were long gone, a learned friend (Bless him) brought to my attention what is called “modern jealous” that is cropping up in the cracks if the corporate class. Someone does not want to see you register progress. I wonder why! I even get to think perhaps it’s because they are idle. The Bible says an idle mind is devils workshop. You can’t be busy on the fast wheels of Life yet at the same time think of fashioning something against your neighbor.

Some folks never want to reveal the secrets of their progress to their circle of friends, they find joy in monopolizing all opportunities available, for they have the scarcity mentality. They don’t find comfort prospering with others. If you are among them, you’re a curse to your generation.

Sounding harsh?, Let’s not feel bad seeing someone prosper. But rather let’s learn a thing or two from them.

Africa, let’s wake up and support one another, let’s stop fighting for only 20% of our resources while the remaining 80% (of resources) is monopolized by only 20% of the population. Together, we sure can transform Africa but starting with the smallest unit – an individual. There is room for all of us to prosper.

Let’s help one another to grow while as we also grow, for it’s the good thing to do, the Ubuntu spirit of Africa. You wouldn’t find joy being the only person with two eyes amongst the blind.

This is the very reason i am devoting my resources, efforts, energy and time to reach out to every youth in Africa to start their flourishing journey. All this with Hope, that we’ll meet at the top!

Shalom Africa

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  1. No one can take you from you unless you let them. Best medicine for such is ignore them. They will have some temporary success but eventually will drink from thier own cup of poison and my or my, how great thier fall shall be!

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