Sabiiti Herbert
I imagine all through life, we have probably heard or even read such kind of topics, some on purpose and others perhaps with minimal implementation.
However, I will not retire from writing and speaking about the same. Instead, just like your favorite preacher never ceases to encourage their flock to read the Word of God so that it can reproof, correct, instruct us in righteousness that we may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works. (2 Tim 3 :16-17).
Now, there’s a big call to be a financially responsible citizenry. Why? because it is important for our health and well being in a society. “living within your means” requires spending less than or at worst equal to the money you earn on a monthly. You know we have since leaned towards a monthly system of inflows and outflows. From rent to utilities and the Telecoms too introduced monthly voice and data bundle to fall into our expenditure habits.
Well, I have ceased moments to talk to some people about the subject and yes as expected, some say “It’s easier said than done” while amazingly those in employment know that a lot of times, some less paid employees lend to their superiors. Does that mean expenditures grow at the same or even a higher rate than growth in income? Rhetorical Question Here
You may have heard about folks who have been trapped into keeping their so- called “social status” while the pockets are biting, they’re living behind their dreams and their bills – helplessly living outside their means.
May this social distance and lock down teach you and I an indelible lesson that “social-status” regrets only come back to haunt you when you’re living in debt or when you’re left with no saving at all. The people you seemingly thought you were pleasing will most likely be the same people ‘back’ and ‘front’ biting you while just a handful (if you have them) will come to your rescue during the lockdown and any other of life’s occurrence that call for tough times.
Make no mistake, Personal branding and social networking do not necessarily mean you live beyond your means, this kind of lifestyle isn’t sustainable and at some point, reckless spending will catch up with you (may be Just like now), no one knew Corona will be here in 2020 just like no one knows when the next particular need will arise in your life. Therefore, learning to live well-within your means will help you avoid financial ruin and find the peace that comes with financial freedom during such unforeseeable lockdowns that life may present to you.
When I resigned to start Ridgeline firm with my colleagues, I retreated from paying monthly rent of UGX 550,000 to UGX 370,000 and cut all other stupid outflows, yes unnecessary costs are “stupid” outflows. Would you like them recorded this way on your personal financial statement?
See, retreating does not make you less of a visionary man nor a less virtuous lady, even soldiers at war sometimes retreat to re-strategize, re-group and then launch again.
Instead of asking government to halt landlords from demanding rent, others have also suggested let rent be scrapped off and am not being insensitive or scorning anyone that’s not be able to afford rent, but how about approaching the landlord & discussing a payment plan and as you also plan to retreat to a cheaper house where need be? #Retreat
By now & from how much you’ve saved on Transport cost, it may have dawned on you that your car is one that gallops fuel like a crocodile somewhere feasting on someone’s MBs, but it’s better to park it or sell it for a cheaper or fuel effective one, etc, etc. We could go on and on to do an expository on what other costs we could drop for us to catch up with our bills and dreams but we don’t have all day. Feel free to get in touch whenever you feel like furthering this discussion.
I wish you and your loved ones a joyful Easter.

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